Target Freight is the Leader in LTL Freight Management.

Target Freight Management was built from a combination of experience and drive. With an understanding of logistics, customer service, and mathematics, TFM offers customized programs that help small to mid size companies save significant money on LTL shipping. We want our customers to understand that there are indeed ways to save money, and we will do all of the leg work. It’s a rather simple step-by-step process that MAKES SENSE. Our goal is to come up with the most cost-effective way to simplify your shipping process. Every one of our clients is unique, and in turn we treat each with a customized solution.

Through our strategic partnerships and our volume of customers TFM is able to leverage a considerable amount of buying power to negotiate better rates on behalf of our clients. At the same time TFM offers carriers the opportunity to improve capacity and increase tonnage. While improving your bottom line is extremely important, TFM will not sacrifice service for savings. We partner with tier 1 service carriers to improve on carrier service metrics such as on time delivery, freight claims avoidance and transit times.

Why Target Freight Management?

TFM is dedicated to offering the best service at the lowest cost to all of our clients. Our program allows you to outsource one aspect of your supply chain so you can focus on your primary business which is always selling your product.

We compare what TFM offers our clients to the healthcare industry. Why do companies deal with HMO’s and PPO’s? Because it’s the most cost effective way to offer quality benefits to their employees. At one point in time companies would directly solicit doctors and negotiate with that specific doctor on a rate to care for their employees. Just like the healthcare industry has evolved so has the freight industry. For many years small to mid-sized manufacturers were dealing directly with the carriers when negotiating rates. But just like the healthcare industry more and more companies are looking to outsource to companies like TFM because it is the most cost effective way to do business.